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Disinfect a Car

Guide: How To Clean And Disinfect Your Car In Times of Coronavirus

Times of coronavirus, times when we have to be extremely careful with the way we clean objects that we use in our daily lives if we want to avoid getting infected. The car is perhaps one of the things we use the most on a daily basis and, unfortunately, it is not immune to this disease. Therefore, we share this guide that will guide you through the process.

  1. Before disinfecting, clean

Yes, it is very good that you want to disinfect your vehicle and all its surfaces, but before that take into account that it must be clean first. Therefore, before starting this second process, first make sure to clean it as you do regularly, in order to remove dirt and other polluting elements. Once your vehicle is clean, then we can start disinfecting.

  1. Focus on the wheel

A car’s steering wheel can be up to 4 times dirtier than a toilet, making it one of the most dangerous places on your vehicle. To clean it, use disinfectant cloths, preferably every time you get in the car. Also, remember to clean all parts of this part, front, back and sides, even if you think you do not touch it everywhere. Do not use chlorine in any way, as you can damage the components of this part.

  1. Clean levers, handles, buttons, knobs, and anything else you touch

You may not think about this very often, but you would be surprised how many things you touch when you are in your car. Therefore, you should make sure to sanitize everything that comes in contact with you as often as possible: the gear lever, the door handles, the air conditioning knobs, the radio buttons, the air conditioning vents and the rear view mirror. they are the most common elements to be touched by whoever is driving. To disinfect, use disinfectant wipes, but also remember to clean all surfaces and not just the faces you think you are touching. If your vehicle has a touch screen, we recommend Clorox cloths, as they are the ones that Apple recommended to its iPhone users.

  1. Clean the clothes

You can follow the same process to disinfect this last part of the interior of your vehicle. However, take into account that if the clothes are made of leather, they could dry out with the disinfectant, so it is advisable to use a leather conditioner after cleaning or, in any case, use a soap and water solution better.

  1. Vacuum the rugs

Floor mats are perhaps one of the most dangerous parts of the interior of your car, as they are in constant contact with your shoes. To disinfect them in the best way, it is recommended to vacuum them, wash them and even use a disinfectant spray. like Lysol.

  1. Finish by disinfecting your keys

You hadn’t forgotten your keys, right? To clean them, first separate the keychain and disinfect it with disinfectant cloths. Then. put the keys in a bowl, fill it with soap and water and leave them for a few seconds. Subsequently, carve the keys with a small brush. Finally, let them dry and do a final cleaning with a disinfectant cloth.