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Day: February 21, 2022

Chinese Altar Tables

Chinese Altar Tables
The classic Chinese altar table, built in the early 1900s, was a prestigious piece of furniture in a
palace. Its solid plank top is framed by bamboo-form stretchers JinPaper Malaysia, while the four rectangular legs
are made of antique Chinese walnut wood. The solid wood is extremely rare and beautiful, and
the top features scrolling faux bamboo ends. The wood itself is a rich, brown color with archaic
angular scrolls.
Chinese Qing Dynasty Red Lacquered Altar Table - Georgian Antiques
The carvings on this Chinese altar table are exquisite. The table has a rectangular top with
rounded sides. The crest rail is carved with dragons, lotus flowers, and geometric shapes. Its
legs are attached to stretchers. The table’s height measures approximately 35 inches, while its
apron is decorated with intricate lotus flowers. The carvings are stunning. The altar table is a
lovely piece of antique furniture.
The Qing Dynasty table is the most famous type of Chinese altar table. It features pierced
design on its four tall legs. Its top is 16″ deep and is made of recycled elm wood. It is 93″ long,
with a double cupboard. The oblong shape of this altar table lends it a contemporary look. Its
legs can be lowered or pushed forward.

Antique Chinese Carved Ornate Rosewood Alter Console Table | Etsy Singapore
A chinese altar table is a slender, narrow piece of furniture. It has many uses. It can be used to
display various religious symbols and images. These items can also serve as offerings for the
deities. They can serve as a symbol for a person or a group of people. They can be a way to
make a statement about their values and beliefs. And it can also serve as a perfect way to make
a statement about a person’s status and wealth.
A chinese altar table is one of the most important pieces of furniture in any temple. The design

of the chinese altar table is beautiful and the shape of the altar is also unique. The huang-hua-li
is the second longest known chinese altar table. It is a sculpted piece of wood, measuring about
12 feet long. The carved wooden alter table has a distinctive texture and patina.