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Netflix Party From Home With Your Friends

Day: March 23, 2021

Guide: How To Organize A Netflix Party From Home With Your Friends

In times of coronavirus, watching Netflix is ​​one of the most entertaining activities you can do during quarantine. Unfortunately, there are times when you want to see the same as your friends and comment on it at the same time, as if they were together … and this is not easy. Fortunately, there is a very simple way to do it. And we tell you how!

Netflix Party is a Google Chrome extension that allows you to create “Netflix parties” with your best friends, even if each one is at home. In this way, the video will be synchronized between all the monitors, so you can be sure that you are seeing the same thing at the same time. In addition, a chat window is also added, so you can even comment on what you are seeing without taking your eyes off the screen.

Using Netflix Party is very simple. First, you and your friends must go to their official site and install the extension from the Chrome store. Once this is done, a new icon will appear on the browser’s task bar, gray and with the initials NP. If you want to be the administrator, look for a movie or series that you would like to see in a group. You will notice how the icon turns red, indicating that the content is compatible. Click on it and then “Start the Party” to start the party.

Once you have started a party, you will get a link, which you must share with your friends. Once they receive it, they must click on it and they will be redirected to the Netflix content in question. Already in it, it is only necessary that they also click on the NP icon in red and they will automatically join your party. Now yes, everyone will be connected at the same time, the video will be synchronized and they will be able to comment on it live.

If you want step-by-step instructions, you can watch the video tutorial below:

And that’s it! Now all you need is for you and your friends to prepare your favorite snack, press Play on the Netflix content you want to see and enjoy, it has been said. Safe movie night!

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